music. rhythm and poetry.

Azmera Hammouri-Davis, MTS (aka the Poetic Theorist) is a womanist poet, speaker and performing artist from Kea’au, Hawaii. Since 2014 Azmera has written, produced, and directed 5 full length visual poetry videos, and performed on over 150 stages across 7 cities in 4 countries and counting. Her performances, characterized by and emotional intensity, reflect on mental health, healing trauma, faith, childhood and sisterhood. In 2015, as a visual and performing arts student at the University of Southern California (USC), she performed her seminole spoken word visual series ‘Break The Boxes’. This independently produced performance sparked countless collaborations with artists from a range of styles, as well as podcasters, writers, directors and filmmakers. It also led her to be named a U.S. Fulbright Creative and Performing Artist in 2017-2018. In Feb 2023, Azmera released her debut album Young Spirit Old Soul, professionally recorded at Phoenix Down Studios in Somerville, Massachusetts.

As an artist, her story unfolds at the intersection of higher education and higher consciousness and has led to speaking engagements and performances at a variety of conferences, conventions and college campus events including New York Comic Con, USC Women’s Conference, and Harvard Grad Festival about her experiences as a spoken word poet, womanist thinker, capoeirista and Hip Hop artist-educator.


“Bestfriend” Music Video Feat. Aric Flemming.