“Azmera’s dedication to social justice, communal healing, and the performance arts is contagious; as someone who generally shies away from creativity myself, Azmera has pulled me out of that discomfort countless times as a friend, artist, and scholar. I can only hope that everyone has at least one opportunity in their lives to come into contact with Azmera and her work.” – Joshua Reason, PhD Candidate in Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania

“That was probably the best class so far in this unit. I so appreciate Azmera grounding it in the student’s own experiences and their own experiences with schools. A good example of bringing the students into the conversation and less talking at them. It will be so useful to their papers. So powerful. What a shift! Thank you!” – Kay Merseth, Director and Lead Instructor, Harvard Teacher Education Program and Harvard Teaching Fellows Program

“Azmera, our instructor, is a super dope Black woman who’s ready to spark the joy and love and knowledge of this art form (Capoeira)..I’m grateful for the work she’s doing out in the world and brings us.” – Ashley Herring, Founder + Director Black Yard Learning Center

Azmera provided great feedback on my assignments and voiced great ideas and discussion points in class. Additionally, she created space for all voices in class discussions and found opportunities for further engagement outside of class.” – Harvard Graduate School of Education Student

Azmera is a walking encyclopedia and contributed so much to guiding our class discussions.” – Harvard Graduate School of Education Student

“Azmera consistently gave useful feedback on assignments that both encouraged and questioned to deepen my learning and reflection.” – Harvard Graduate School of Education Student

Spiritual care + counseling/ life coaching.

Working withthe Africana Spirituality Chaplaincy has given me the richest and most impactful experiences of my entire Tufts journey. I have been given the emotional space and opportunity to ask questions of myself that I never would have known to ask, to connect my artistry with my humanity, and most importantly, to discover and accept who I am.” — Harrison Clark, Tufts University Student ’22

Azmera has known me since I was in high school and now am already a college graduate. I say this because she has played a pivotal role in my growth which is why I go to her for life and spiritual advice. She is able to connect with all audiences and yet, provide you with deep and meaningful advice that can serve you on the long run. If there is one thing that comes to mind when I think of her services is servitude. Always willing to serve you and help in any area of your life. So if you are looking for a little inspiration or perhaps a fire to ignite your passion, I strongly recommend to seek Azmera’s services.” – Marbella Pleitez, University of Southern California Graduate

Azmera is someone who walks in her purpose. Her actions align with her beliefs and she shows up for the things she believes in. She is insightful, genuine, confident, and all of this shines within her so brightly that you can’t help but pick up some of it for yourself. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, help you understand your own trauma and healing, and offer exceptional self help services, House of Hammouri is definitely the place to help you with that. I’m grateful to have met Azmera and will be using her services in the future indefinitely.” – Angel Klyce, Developer Content Writer at Slack.


“My first time seeing Azmera perform was during a class trip to Israel Palestine. She recited her own poem “Childhood” from memory and it blew me away! I was deeply moved by her way with words and her ability to captivate the audience. Azmera is a natural performer and an artist committed to her craft. I’m a big fan!” – Saran Sidime, PhD Candidate Emory University.

Azmera revived a part of my own childhood. I love the way she told her verses, without inhibition, with this freedom that only children can have when they dream. Thank you, Azmera!” – Hamza Sebti, Harvard Law School Graduate

“Azmera’s poem on the ancestors and her delivery of it — a poetic chant and a call to action – was so powerful!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I am reminded when I hear her speak, how precious each of us are and how God has gifted us each with unique talents and such is the case with her ways of ministry and her knowledge of the arts and culture. She is a gifted artist. Thanks, again!” – Angela Counts, Award-winning Playwright

Azmera is a pure master of her craft! Her ability to simultaneously paint a picture, establish a clear connection with her audience & genuinely inspire is a true gift! Concluding her amazing piece at the Leimert Experience Showcase with the pivotal question: “What do we got to do to be read as human?!?” Azmera left the audience in awe and contemplation. Being unafraid to challenge the system, question that which is defined as acceptable and force her audience into a position of growth, Azmera is a true talent and blessing.” – Markeith Royster, Ed.D, Director of Community Relations, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

“Several years ago, I saw Azmera Davis recite a poem at a fundraiser for the International Society of Black Latinos. After the program ended, I made my way to the stage to personally meet her. Azmera had the soul of a poet and the intellect of a scholar. I knew that I was looking at greatness and a future voice of the Millennial generation. Her poetry reflects light in the face of a shadowy world.  In the midst of pain – she sees the positive nature of humanity. Her poem, The Future, lovingly challenges college students to find their rightful place in this world and own their destiny. Azmera has an infectious laugh and a spirit that radiates positive vibrations. She walks in the spirit of freedom. I can’t wait to see the road of life that awaits her – for many will choose to follow in her footsteps. Azmera will undoubtedly collaborate with many people and produce brilliant results. The world no longer has to wait for the next great poet to emerge – she’s already here. Maya Angelou would be so proud!” – Debra Peterson, Career Counselor Long Beach City College